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Longest: 120 min
Earliest: 1995
Critics: 80
Audience: 70
Sentimentality: 0
Scariness: 0
Humour: 0
Darkness: 0
Suspense: 0
Mystery: 0
Violence: 0
Romance: 0
Insanity: 0
Fantasticality: 0

About the sliders

You can use these sliders to set thresholds by which the movies in the grid appear.

The first page sets fairly obvious things such as the maximum runtime of a movie, the oldest a movie can be, etc.

The second page relies on a complex machine learning algorithm that automatically ranks each film in our dataset along the various dimensions shown. For example, if you set Humour to a 50, only movies that our algorithm determines as being greater than 50 on the "Humour Scale" are shown.

Importantly, you can combine dimensions. For example, combine Scariness with Humour and you might get films like SHAUN OF THE DEAD or CABIN IN THE WOODS.

Hit the circular arrow to reset the sliders.