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Use these to set thresholds for what appears on the map. You can combine them to find specific combinations you're interested in (e.g., only show suspenseful and funny movies under 100 minutes in length).

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A selection of movies picked by me. These will be updated every few weeks.

Provides a profile of a selected movie. If the spider-web is closer to one of the dimensions, it ranks high in that dimension.

filmDiP presents all of our movies along two axes:
  • Pace: Slower - Faster
  • Levity: Heavier - Lighter
You can zoom in on the map (scroll or pinch), and pan around to navigate along these axes. Something light and fun (e.g., Toy Story) might be in the top right corner, whereas something slower and darker (e.g., Poetry) might be in the bottom left corner.

In addition to visual navigation, you can also use the various elements shown below to help you find the exact movie that you're looking for. If you're looking for something that is just like another movie that you really liked, search for it and hit the Aura button. If you want something that is funny and sweet, use the filters!
The Aura Button - Clicking this sends our AI searching for the movies that have the same vibe as the one you selected. These won't necessarily be from the same genre, but they will share qualities that make them similar.
Filters - These can be used to filter out movies based on minimum thresholds that you set. Filters can be combined in order to find specific combinations of attributes you're looking for. For example, combine violence with humour and scariness and you may get Shaun of the Dead.
The size of the dot represents that movie's popularity, with larger being more popular.
The shade of the dot represents the critical rating of that movie, with darker being better rated.
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